4/5 stars

An AI-powered financial management platform that allows you to plan for your company’s future and control your cash flow.


  • AI-powered insights for better decisions-making
  • Integration capabilities with existing tech stacks
  • Simplified custom financial models


      • Difficult to collaborate
      • Fewer tools for in-depth analysis
      • Premium price

      The Bottom Line

      Forecastr is a powerful tool for growing startups that want to use financial modeling to impress investors.

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      Plans & Pricing

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      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      What sets Forecastr apart from competitors is its combination of AI-driven insights across a broad spectrum of management functions, from resource allocation to financial management, within a single platform. This holistic approach enhances operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Startups love Forecastr for its ability to streamline project management, enhance team productivity, and provide strategic insights. 

      Here are some of its key features: 

      • Resource & Capacity Management: Optimize ROI by allocating resources effectively.
      • Project Management: End-to-end management of tasks, projects, and programs.
      • Financial Management: Transparency into project costs and margins.
      • AI Integration: Provides actionable insights and predictive analytics.


      Best for: Growing Startups for Impressing Investors

      Forecastr is ideal for growing startups that are looking to optimize their operations, financial performance, and team productivity. It’s also great for startups that are in the process of fundraising and need a dynamic tool to be able to clearly and efficiently provide potential investors with data on their financial model. 

      Forecastr may not offer highly specialized financial modeling features found in dedicated financial software, such as in-depth risk assessment tools. Businesses that require intricate financial simulations or those in industries with highly specialized financial modeling needs might find Forecastr’s financial modeling capabilities limited.

      Why We Love It:

      • Real-Time Data Syncing: Real-time reporting for up-to-date project and financial data. Have a clear view of exactly what your finances look like without having to manually update spreadsheets yourself. 
      • Issue Alerts: Receive an alert for proactive management of potential issues. Catch problems before they become hard to handle. 
      • Data-driven Resource Optimization: Leverage the data collected and make better resource allocation decisions. 



        Forecastr is a powerful tool for growing startups that want to use financial modeling to impress investors.


        Dedicated financial analyst and custom financial model with quarterly deliverables

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        Custom financial model and dedicated analyst with both quarterly and monthly deliverables.

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        A fractional CFO, in addition to the custom financial model and monthly/quarterly deliverables.

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