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Top Payroll Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

Papaya Global

Manage a global workforce, integrating payroll processing, compliance, payments, and HR administration in over 160 countries.

Roll by ADP

A chat-based, AI-driven payroll app that allows business owners and managers to run payroll from their smartphone.

eSmart Paycheck

Efficiently processes payrolls on an as-needed basis, making it an excellent tool for companies looking for a flexible payroll solution.

Quickbooks Payroll

A payroll service developed by Intuit, designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software.

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What to Look for in a Payroll Software

Payroll Tools

Payroll tools can be a great asset for businesses looking to streamline their human resources and financial processes. By automating the payroll process, this software significantly reduces the administrative burden on staff, minimizes errors, and ensures timely and accurate payment to employees. It efficiently handles the calculation of wages, deductions for taxes and benefits, and compliance with various employment and tax laws, thus safeguarding businesses against potential legal issues and penalties associated with payroll errors.

One of the standout features of modern payroll software is its ability to integrate with other business systems, such as time tracking and human resources management systems. This integration facilitates a seamless flow of data across platforms, reducing the need for manual data entry and increasing overall operational efficiency. For example, time worked recorded in a time tracking system can be automatically imported into the payroll system, ensuring that employees are paid correctly based on their actual hours worked.


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