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Top Complete HR Tools for Startups and Small Businesses


A global payroll and compliance platform that streamlines the hiring, onboarding, and management of employees and contractors worldwide.


A complete payroll, benefits, and human resource management software designed for small to medium-sized businesses.


A global employment platform that simplifies the process of hiring and managing remote employees across the world.


Flexible payroll services and compliance support for a variety of employee types.


A professional employer organization (PEO) that provides small and medium-sized businesses with full-service HR solutions.


A workforce management platform that manages HR, payroll, benefits, and IT services in one integrated system.


A cloud-based platform that offers payroll, benefits, HR tools, and compliance support.

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Complete HR

Complete HR software allows you to manage all aspects of your human resources in a single place, often including onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration. By keeping everything centralized, it allows businesses to enhance efficiency and reduce administrative burden. Many of these products also allow you to automate some of the processes associated with HR and offer integrations to streamline data transfer. Specialized HR software can also make it easier to manage unique business needs, like distributed/remote workforces and local compliance for international employees.

For small businesses and startups without full HR departments, these products can guide you through what needs to be done to ensure your employees are compensated properly. This frees up your time to let you focus on other business activities that will help you grow. 

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