3.5/5 stars

A variety of forecasting and budgeting features with plans for small businesses and accounting practices.


  • Advanced and customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular accounting platforms.
  • Provides detailed forecasting, including 3-way forecasts.
  • Supports dynamic scenario planning and budgeting.


      • Limited customization options
      • Can be tricky to navigate for non-accountants

      The Bottom Line

      Futrli is a good option for small accounting practices, financial advisors, and SMBs that are just looking for basic tools for financial planning.

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      Plans & Pricing

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      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      Futrli is a forecasting and reporting platform designed to assist accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses in making informed financial decisions. It was established to provide powerful prediction capabilities and is known for its ability to integrate with leading accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. Futrli offers a variety of features including daily cash flow forecasting, budgeting, scenario planning, performance insights, and customizable reporting and dashboards. 

      Here are some of its key features: 

      • Daily cash flow forecasting to manage short-term financial health.
      • Instant smart budgets and variance analysis through Futrli Budgets and Scenarios.
      • Comprehensive 3-way forecasting for profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow over extended periods​​.


      Best for: Small Businesses with Small Budgets

      Futrli is uniquely positioned for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and accounting practices that require robust financial planning and analysis tools but may not have the resources for more complex enterprise solutions. Its user-friendly interface, combined with powerful analytical tools, makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their financial planning and reporting capabilities without investing heavily in training or infrastructure.

      While Futrli offers a broad range of financial modeling features, it can have a steep learning curve for those without an accounting background. Businesses that require highly specialized or industry-specific forecasting models might find the platform lacking. Additionally, very large enterprises with complex financial structures might need more customizable or scalable solutions than those Futrli provides.

      Why We Love It:


      • The ability to easily visualize financial data and KPIs through its performance insights feature.
      • The flexibility to create and compare multiple financial scenarios and budgets within the same platform.
      • Instant insights into the business’s current, past, and future performance, helping with strategic decision-making.
      • The platform’s ability to provide actionable insights for improving sales, expenses, profit, cash flow, and growth​​.


      Futrli is a good option for small accounting practices, financial advisors, and SMBs that are just looking for basic tools for financial planning.


      Manage 1 client (but with unlimited users) for $35/month.

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      Manage up to 10 clients for $200/month.

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      Manage up to 25 clients for up to $375 per month.

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      Manage up to 50 clients for $500 per month.

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