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A payment and POS solution designed for the restaurant industry, focusing on allowing businesses to provide optimal customer service.


  • Create an enhanced customer experience through its features
  • Direct feedback collection
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


      • Higher upfront investment for hardware
      • Dependence on internet connectivity

      The Bottom Line

      SkyTab is an affordable option for restaurants that value direct customer feedback and engagement.

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      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Some additional fees may be incurred for third-party Marketplace integrations. However, overall, the monthly fee covers a strong basic assortment of features for powering your business, like online ordering, marketing & loyalty, website builder, and reservations & waitlist. 

      Payment processing is built-in, with competitive credit card processing rates. You also have the option to enroll in their Advantage Program which will offset processing fees.

      Product Review

      SkyTab is a fully integrated portable payment and POS solution designed primarily for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Developed by Shift4 Payments, it aims to revolutionize the dining experience by offering tableside ordering and payment processing capabilities, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and customer service. Beyond its core functionalities, SkyTab also provides features like customer feedback collection directly on the device, email receipt options that can include promotional messages, and robust back-end analytics and reporting to help business owners make informed decisions.

      Here are some of its key features:

      • Portable All-in-One Solution: SkyTab combines POS functionalities with payment processing in a single, portable device.
      • Real-Time Feedback: Unique to SkyTab is the feature that allows customers to rate their experience and leave feedback directly on the device at the time of payment.
      • Integrated with Shift4 Payments: Offers seamless integration with Shift4’s payment processing, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.
      • Order-at-the-Table Capability: Not only can payments be processed tableside, but orders can also be taken directly on the device, streamlining the ordering process.

      Best for: Restaurants Prioritizing Customer Feedback

      SkyTab is ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other hospitality businesses that prioritize customer service and operational efficiency. Its tableside service capabilities make it particularly suited for full-service restaurants looking to modernize their service delivery, improve table turnover rates, and enhance the overall dining experience. Businesses that can benefit from direct marketing to their customer base through email campaigns will also find SkyTab’s features advantageous.

      Businesses outside the hospitality sector, like retail stores or service providers that don’t require tableside service or have less emphasis on customer dining experience, might not find SkyTab as beneficial.


      Why We Love It

      • Mobility: The ability to take orders and payments anywhere in the establishment without being tethered to a fixed POS station.
      • Immediate Problem Resolution: The instant feedback feature allows businesses to address any customer issues before they leave, potentially turning a negative experience into a positive one.
      • Enhanced Table Turnover: Faster order and payment processing can lead to quicker table turnover, accommodating more guests.
      • Data Capture for Marketing: The ease of capturing customer emails at the point of transaction supports the growth of a business’s marketing database, enabling targeted promotions and loyalty programs.


          SkyTab is an affordable option for restaurants that value direct customer feedback and engagement.

          POS software and hardware, with a lifetime warranty. Cloud-based reporting and management

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