Zoho Books

4.5/5 stars

An accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, HR, & project management software
  • Free tier for those who qualify, as well as affordable tiers for small businesses
  • Solid customer service


      • Fewer third-party integrations
      • Only a few reporting options

      The Bottom Line

      A well-balanced accounting product, particularly when integrated with the rest of the Zoho Suite.

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      Plans & Pricing

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      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      Zoho Books is an attractive and affordable accounting software for small and medium sized businesses.

      Here are some of its key features:

      • Invoicing: Customizable invoices that can be created and sent to clients, including the ability to set up recurring invoices and automatic payment reminders.
      • Financial Reports: Generates a variety of financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and tax reports, aiding in financial analysis and decision-making.
      • Expenses Tracking: Allows businesses to record and categorize expenses, attach receipts, and track reimbursements, helping in managing cash flow effectively.
      • Project Billing: Allows for project creation, assigning tasks, and billing clients based on project hours or fixed costs, making it suitable for freelancers and project-based businesses.

      Like many of the other accounting products we recommend, Zoho Books has a clean, modern user interface that most find intuitive to use.

      The price of Zoho Books is also compelling. For very small businesses, there’s a free tier for businesses that make less than 50k revenue per year. Their standard tier is a very affordable $15 per month. Unlike the bottom tier of FreshBooks, you can collaborate with your accountant on any plan size.

      Things get most interesting at the Professional tier, where you can begin integrating with Zoho People and Projects, their HR and project management software. In fact, the integration with the rest of the Zoho suite is one of the main selling points for this product; SMBs can conceivably run most of their business out of Zoho.

      If you’re not interested in other products in the Zoho suite, however, you’ll have more limited integration options. Unlike competitor FreshBooks, which has an enormous set of third party integrations, Zoho has a limited set. Still, you’ll find options for integrating with most of the big players like Microsoft, Google, Zendesk, or Slack.

      You also won’t find all of the advanced reporting options that more robust products like QuickBooks provide. However, most SMBs should be satisfied with the report options available.

      Why we love it:

      • Affordability: With a free version and several options under $50 a month, Zoho Books offers many right-sized options for SMBs.

      • Integration with Zoho Suite: If you’re already using Zoho HR, CRM, or Project Management software, this will be an easy integration.
        • Scalability: While the lower tiers offer a solid base, higher tiers unlock inventory management and other advanced features that a swiftly growing business might need.

        Zoho Books

        A bookkeeping service and software for small businesses and freelancers.



        Available for business with less than $50k revenue per annum. 1 user, 1 accountant

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        3 users, recurring invoices, customer portal, online/offline payments, custom fields

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        $40 per month

        5 users, project expenses and invoices, timesheet and billing, sales approval

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        10 users, custom domain, vendor portal, budgeting tools

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        10 users, unlimited custom reports, multi-currency transactions, advanced inventory control

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        15 users, 25 custom modules, real-time reports, collaborative report generation

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        The simple user interface and affordable price of this product make it a great fit for freelancers and small businesses with relatively straightforward accounting needs.

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