SAP Business One (B1)

3/5 stars

A reasonable ERP option that focuses on flexibility and scale built specifically for the SMB.


  • Flexibility and a focus on setting teams up for growth
  • Great for international teams; available in multiple languages and currencies
  • Mobile and cloud accessibility available for some features


      • No free trial
      • Pricing is not transparent, but user reviews indicate it may be on the pricier side
      • Time-consuming and cumbersome customization, often requiring IT support 

      The Bottom Line

      A reasonable ERP option that focuses on flexibility and scale built specifically for the SMB.

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      Plans & Pricing

      SAP Business One does not list specific pricing details publicly on its website. 

      Third party pricing reports online are all over the place – from $56/user up to $3,000/user. Some of these discrepancies can be chalked up to on-premise set up costs, customizations, and international licensing. The best option for accurate and detailed pricing is to visit the SAP Business One website. The only button option is to “Request a Demo”, but (Pro Tip!) if you request a quote in the chat, you can get away with pricing without sitting through a demo!

      Pricing information is retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. The actual cost may vary based on specific plans chosen. Always check directly with the seller for the final quote.

      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      ERP products tend to offer a complicated web of modules that cover a set collection of business functions. SAP B1’s offerings can be summarized below, but it’s unique value is in:

      • SAP HANA Integration: SAP Business One integrates with SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) Platform, which allows for advanced data processing and faster real-time analytics.
      • Industry-Specific Solutions: Available for Consumer Products, Industrial Machinery and Components, Professional Services, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution
      • Mobile Friendly: Sales functionality available on the SAP Business One Sales mobile app for iOS and Android

      Modules included in SAP B1’s platform:

      • Financial Management: Simplified banking and reconciliation, accounting, and controlling features, as well as customized reporting for planning and audit reviews
      • Sales and Customer Management: Available on desktop and mobile, users can track marketing campaigns and follow the customer journey from opportunity, to sales, to service managment
      • Purchasing and Inventory Control: Order-to-pay cycle management with procurement, warehouse, and accounting integrations
      • Production Planning: Production and material planning, warehouse and inventory management, and real-time availability checks, tracking, price adjustment, and issue control
      • Business Intelligence: Includes a fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports and option integration with SAP HANA and SAP Lumira to optimize real-time reporting and visualizations
      • Analytics and Reporting: Visibility across sales, customers, operations, and finance; ability to set alerts and automated responses

      While SAP B1 boasts a “built for the SMB” brand, pricing, functionality, and reviews indicate that smaller teams may end up overwhelmed by the platform. It best serves companies that have outgrown basic accounting software and require a more comprehensive solution. 

      Best for: Mid-Size Businesses Approaching Rapid Growth

      SAP B1 offers a basic suite of features and integrations with some of SAP’s more complex tools, so teams that are on the upward trajectory, but not immediately ready to take advantage of all SAP has to offer, may look at SAP B1 as the perfect balance between functionality and cost. However, early-stage teams, or teams that will remain at a smaller scale for the foreseeable future, may end up overpaying for SAP B1 and never take advantage of its more robust ERP capabilities.


      Why we love it:

      • Scalability & Modular Design: SAP Business One supports an increasing number of transactions and more complex business processes as a company expands. Businesses can start with core functionalities and add more modules (such as advanced analytics, CRM, or e-commerce integration) as their needs evolve.

      • Worldwide Network: SAP’s global partner network ensures that businesses can find local support for implementation, training, and customization, making it easier to adopt and adapt the system to local requirements.

      • Multi-Language and Currency Support: It supports multiple languages and currencies, making it suitable for SMEs operating in or expanding to international markets.

      • Access Anywhere: SAP Business One offers mobile access and cloud deployment options for some features.

      SAP B1

      A reasonable ERP option that focuses on flexibility and scale built specifically for the SMB.


      Integrated business intelligence. Choice of cloud or on-premise deployment.

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