4/5 stars

Industry-specific solutions that integrate financial, CRM, project management, and ERP functionalities into one cloud-based interface.


  • Niche, industry-specific offerings
  • Portals for vendors, customers, and job applicants
  • Data-driven insights
  • Automated workflows


      • Not small-team friendly: extra $25/user charge if your plan is for less than 5 users
      • Steep learning curve for new users
      • 7-day free “trial” uses sample data and is shared across other trial users

      The Bottom Line

      Striven is best for mid-size or growth-stage businesses requiring operational support that is unique to their industry.

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      Plans & Pricing

      External portals (customer, vendor, and career) are available as add-ons for an additional cost. For teams less than 5, there is an additional $25 per user.

      Pricing information is retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. The actual cost may vary based on specific plans chosen. Always check directly with the seller for the final quote.

      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      ERP products tend to offer a complicated web of modules that cover a set collection of business functions. Striven’s offerings can be summarized below, but it’s unique value is in:

      • Niche, Industry-Specific Solutions: Offers custom solutions for hyper-specific businesses like Electrical Contracting, Hearth Services, HVAC, Landscape Management, Plumbing, Pool and Spa Services, and Locksmith Services
      • External Portals: Users can invite individuals outside of the organization into shared spaces for customers, vendors, and job candidates

      Modules included in Striven’s platform:

      • Accounting: Accounting module covers 35 functions including financial reporting, payroll management, Point-of-Sale (POS), and invoicing
      • CRM & Sales: Comparable features to popular CRM tools like Hubspot and Zoho
      • Inventory: Offers centralized, real-time inventory tracking from manufacturing to warehouse management to order fulfillment
      • Project Management: Cross-functional collaboration and document management tools
      • Human Resources: Features for attracting, onboarding, training, and retaining talent
      • Reporting & Analytics: Leveraging data from other modules, Striven can generate data-driven business insights and enable teams to make informed predictions.
      • Workflows: Automations for CRM, Project Management, and HR modules

      Striven’s ERP solution supports cross-functional project management across accounting, sales, inventory, and HR functions. It leverages data and analytics to help teams make informed decisions about their business and set streamlined automations to save time.


      Best for: Mid-Size Businesses in Niche Industries

      Striven’s all-in-one solution emphasizes processes and procedures that are often manual, unnecessarily duplicated, and difficult to track. It’s best for small-to-medium businesses that are operating in labor-intensive trade, service, manufacturing, distribution, field, and retail industries, or for businesses that are facing a major inflection point and need to implement new procedural support. 

      Some of these inflection points might be: taking a formerly analog-run business online, outgrowing a small-scale ERP, or approaching a period of rapid growth and hiring.

      Because Striven is a complicated and customizable solution, it is likely not the best option for teams that are constantly pivoting (like a seed-stage tech company) or teams with a high level of employee turnover. Users report steep learning curves and heavy time-investment, but once it’s set up and teams are trained, the rest is gravy!


      Why we love it:

      • Comprehensive Reporting: Striven offers users a single source of truth for all aspects of their business with all-in-one data aggregation. Permissions are customizable so admins can regulate who on their team is able to access what information.
      • Cost Efficiency: As with most ERPs, the overall cost is more affordable than separating out each function into its own platform provider. Some businesses will require unique platforms for some or every function, but if you’re able to aggregate everything into one, it can be a great cost-saver.
      • Customer Service: Striven customer service has glowing reviews on most review platforms. This can be an underrated perk, but there’s nothing more frustrating than making an already difficult situation worse with unhelpful customer service.
      • Pre-Built Industry Solutions: Striven has pre-built solutions for a select group of industries. If your business fits in one of these industries, the legwork of setting up each module has already been done for you, making Striven a more plug-and-play solution for a business that would normally require heavy customization.


      Striven is best for mid-size or growth-stage businesses requiring operational support that is unique to their industry.


      For $35 per user per month, manage unlimited customers, vendors, employees, locations, tasks, projects, and assets.

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      For $70 per user per month, get everything in standard plus unlimited classes, additional assets, and custom fields.

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