Microsoft Dynamics 365

3.5/5 stars

Purpose-built for SMBs, enabling users to start with what they need and scale up as their business grows.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Discounted pricing for nonprofits
  • AppSource solution available for module add-ons and customizations
  • Mid-range pricing


      • No free version
      • Risk of vendor lock-in 
      • Potential overpayment for underutilized features

      The Bottom Line

      If you’re considering Dynamics 365 because you’re already using other Microsoft products like Office 365 or Azure, it could be a smart move from a usability and integrations perspective, but be wary of vendor lock-in. 

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      Plans & Pricing

      Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Business Central Premium products offer a suite of ERP features with the option of adding specialized functionality through their AppSource solution. Users can also opt to purchase one specialized product (i.e Sales, Finance, Marketing, etc.) if the full ERP solution isn’t what they’re looking for.

      Pricing information is retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. The actual cost may vary based on specific plans chosen. Always check directly with the seller for the final quote.

      Pricing information last updated March 7, 2024.

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      Product Review

      ERP products tend to offer a complicated web of modules that cover a set collection of business functions. SAP B1’s offerings can be summarized below, but it’s unique value is in:

      • Multiple Environments: Supports a safer IT infrastructure, enabling businesses to innovate and adapt their ERP system to changing needs without risking the integrity of their live business data.
      • Multiple Companies: Particularly useful for organizations that operate in different geographical locations, have multiple subsidiaries, or run separate business units with their own financial and operational processes.
      • Compliance Management: Helps businesses stay compliant with industry regulations through data management, reporting tools, and audit trails.

      Modules included in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials platform:

      • Finance Management: Helps businesses manage their cash flow, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, and perform financial reporting and analysis.
      • Sales and Marketing: Enables businesses to manage their entire sales process from inquiry to payment, improve customer interactions, and deliver better service support.
      • Fulfillment and Delivery: Designed to manage and streamline fulfillment through shipping and carrier integrations, customer communication, and returns.
      • Purchasing and Payables: Centralizes vendor, purchase order, receipts and invoicing, payment processing, and expense management.
      • Inventory: Provides real-time visibility into stock levels and supports multiple warehouses to optimize inventory allocation based on orders.
      • Supply Planning and Availability: Ensures that products are available to meet customer demand while minimizing carrying costs through features like demand forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), availability checks, and vendor performance monitoring.
      • Project Management: Allows for planning, creating, managing, and tracking projects; includes features for project budgeting, timesheet management, and analyzing project performance. 
      • Warehouse Management: Enhances order picking efficiency and accuracy.
      • Service Management: Helps companies focus on improving customer satisfaction, optimizing resource utilization, and increasing operational efficiency.

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a suite of AppSource add-ons that can help teams build and refine their platform as they grow. That, in addition to integrations with other Microsoft solutions, gives Dynamics 365 an edge in offering customizable solutions that help organizations scale and tackle functions outside of traditional ERPs.

      Best for: Growing Businesses with Complex Operations

      Businesses with complex operations that need a high level of customization and anticipate frequent platform changes due to forces like scale, product seasonality, or regulatory update, can benefit from Microsoft’s integrations and app add-ons. Especially If you’re comfortable with putting all of your eggs in one basket, Microsoft Dynamics 365 might be the best solution for your business. 

      Why we love it:

      • Comprehensive Ecosystem: QuickBooks Online offers a wide array of features that cover nearly every aspect of financial management, including invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and reporting. This comprehensive approach means businesses can manage most, if not all, of their financial processes within a single platform.

      • Scalability: The higher tiers of this product provide task automation, inventory management, and other advanced features.

      • User Interface: While it’s not flawless, the user interface of QuickBooks typically is preferred over many competitors.

      • Integration: Nearly every large HR or financial management tool on the market supports some kind of integration with QuickBooks Online.

        Dynamics 365 by Microsoft

        If you’re considering Dynamics 365 because you’re already using other Microsoft products like Office 365 or Azure, it could be a smart move from a usability and integrations perspective, but be wary of vendor lock-in. 

        Business Central Essentials

        For $70 per user per month, manage multiple environments, companies, project management, and supply management.

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        For $100 per user per month, get everything in Essentials plus service management and manufacturing features.

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        SAP B1

        A reasonable ERP option that focuses on flexibility and scale built specifically for the SMB.

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