Toast vs SkyTab

Restaurant POS Systems Compared

by Joyce Chen

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Toast and SkyTab are both prominent players in the restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system market, offering a suite of features tailored to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth in the hospitality sector. Each platform has its strengths and unique offerings, catering to various needs and preferences within the industry.


  • Choose Toast if you want a comprehensive all-in-one solution. 
  • Choose SkyTab if you value its portable, customer-centric features.

Toast Features

  • Integrated Payment Processing: Toast offers an integrated payment solution that is designed specifically for restaurants, supporting a wide range of payment methods to facilitate smooth transactions.
  • Online Ordering and Delivery: Toast provides a built-in online ordering system that allows restaurants to accept orders directly from their website without the need for third-party platforms, thus saving on commission fees.
  • Tableside Ordering and Payments: With Toast, servers can take orders and process payments right at the table using handheld devices, improving service speed and accuracy.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Toast delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that give insights into sales, menu performance, labor costs, and more, helping restaurants make data-driven decisions.


A POS designed specifically for the restaurant industry to include everything you need to manage kitchen and dining room operations.

SkyTab Features


  • Portable POS Solution: SkyTab offers a portable, handheld POS device that allows for tableside ordering and payment processing, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.
  • Customer Engagement Tools: SkyTab provides features aimed at increasing customer engagement, such as the ability to capture customer feedback directly on the device at the time of payment.
  • Marketing and Loyalty Programs: Integrated marketing tools and loyalty program functionalities enable restaurants to build and maintain customer relationships, encouraging repeat business.
  • Integration with Shift4 Payments: SkyTab is part of the Shift4 Payments ecosystem, offering seamless integration with their payment processing solutions and other POS systems.


SkyTab is an affordable option for restaurants that value direct customer feedback and engagement.

Comparison Table

Toast Skytab
Integrated Payment Processing Built with a focus on restaurants Through Shift4 Payments
Reporting & Analytics Comprehensive Basic reporting
Customer Engagement Basic features On-device instant feedback
Hardware Purchase or lease Purchase or lease


Choosing Toast over SkyTab

A business might prefer Toast over SkyTab if it:

  • Values a fully integrated system that combines POS, payment processing, and online ordering without relying on third-party integrations.
  • Needs extensive reporting and analytics to understand business performance in-depth.
  • Desires to improve table turnover and service efficiency through tableside ordering and payment solutions.
  • Prefers a platform that offers scalable solutions that can grow with the business, from single locations to large chains.

Choosing SkyTab over Toast

Conversely, a business might choose SkyTab over Toast if it:

  • Prioritizes mobility and the ability to conduct transactions anywhere in the venue, SkyTab’s portable devices are a key advantage.
  • Is looking to enhance customer engagement and gather feedback immediately post-dining, SkyTab’s on-device feedback feature particularly useful.
  • Wants to focus on building a loyalty program and conducting targeted marketing campaigns to drive repeat business.
  • Already uses Shift4 Payments or is looking for a solution that seamlessly integrates with this payment processing service might prefer SkyTab for its compatibility and integration ease.

When deciding between Toast and SkyTab, restaurant owners should also consider:

  • Integration Needs: Toast offers a more all-encompassing, integrated restaurant management platform, while SkyTab focuses on portability and customer engagement, integrating well with other Shift4 Payment solutions.
  • Business Size and Scope: Toast might be more suitable for restaurants looking for scalability and comprehensive features that support expansion. SkyTab could be ideal for restaurants focusing on enhancing the dining experience and building customer relationships.
  • Operational Flow: For establishments prioritizing tableside service and mobility, SkyTab’s handheld devices provide a compelling solution. Toast, with its robust POS system, suits restaurants looking for an integrated approach to manage all aspects of their operation from a centralized platform.
  • Cost Considerations: Both systems offer different pricing structures. Toast has a subscription model that can include hardware, software, and payment processing. SkyTab’s costs might vary based on the integration with other Shift4 solutions and the specific functionalities a restaurant chooses to implement.

Ultimately, the choice between Toast and SkyTab should be informed by the specific needs, operational style, and growth plans of the restaurant. Whether it’s the comprehensive, all-in-one functionality of Toast or the portable, customer-centric features of SkyTab, each platform offers unique advantages that can cater to different aspects of the restaurant business.

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    SkyTab is an affordable option for restaurants that value direct customer feedback and engagement.

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    Toast is great for businesses in food service, from small cafes to fine dining establishments, that want comprehensive operations management in a central platform.

    Starter Kit

    1 terminal hardware configuration with no upfront costs.

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    Point of Sale

    $69 per month to choose your own hardware. Includes software subscription.

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    Custom Pricing

    Additional features available, including online delivery, automated inventory, and integrated payroll.

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